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Lucy Circular Denim in leather

$ 475.00
$ 475.00
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Lucy Circular Denim in leather

Our new denim in the circular denim project is a unique creation made from vintage women's jeans that have been repurposed and combined with leather. We source the leather from past projects as a by-product from our jackets production. This process not only creates a stylish and trendy look but also promotes sustainability by reducing waste and extending the life of existing materials. The resulting product is a high-quality, durable denim with a touch of luxury and individuality.

How Sizing Works

Because the denim is vintage, each pair is unique in wash and wear. Each pair of Lucy Circular Denim is made from women's vintage jeans. 

If you do not see your size available, please email us so we can do our best to accommodate! 

XSmall measures 26 inches to 27 inches

Small measures 28 inches to 29 inches

Medium measures 30 inches to 31 inches

Large measures 32 inches to 33 inches

XLarge measures 34 inches to 35 inches


Dry Clean Only

$ 475.00
$ 475.00

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