Alyson Eastman is a thoughtful leather brand focused on making luxury garments from ethically sourced leather from the food industry. We believe it is important that if we choose to wear leather, we should be mindful and responsible of where we get it. All of our leather is sourced from tanneries in Italy that solely use leather that is a bi-product from the food industry, therefore no waste. Our garments are made in Italy and NYC in factories that take care of their employees, providing healthy working environments and fair wages.
Alyson chose leather as her material of choice because it is not only natural, but is a material that can last a lifetime. Passed down from generations, or re-worked into something new, leather is a beautiful and unique material that is not discarded after a single season to sit in a landfill forever.

Trail Skort in White


Rodeo Jacket in Black


Our items are crafted with leather of the utmost quality. Any variations in texture or color are inherent qualities of natural leather and make our garments uniquely individual
to you.



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