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 In order to create responsible, long-lasting garments and accessories, we approach sustainability full circle; by overseeing every step of the production process, we ensure that we sell items that are well-crafted and intentionally sourced. We take care in selecting our materials in order to prioritize the longevity of our clothing and the ethics of our manufacturing. Learn more about our material offerings and production below:

Our signature leather garments and accessories are made from ethical, food-source leather from Italy. We are meticulous in our leather sourcing process, and ensure each piece comes as a by-product of the food agricultural industry. Any variations in texture or color are inherent qualities of natural leather and make our garments uniquely individual to you.
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Reinterpreted Collection
Our Reinterpreted collection expands on our values by creating limited collections from true deadstock fabrics that we source with the same care and intention as our leathers. True deadstock is extra or leftover fabric from large textile and garment manufacturers. By buying up their remnants, we are ensuring that our small runs are utilizing the entire stock of fabric, without unnecessary waste. Once deadstock runs are used, they are not made again. For our products, we love this limited edition component, as it adds to the specialty of our collections. 
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Peace Silk (Ahimsa Silk)
Also known as ahimsa silk, cruelty-free silk, and non-violent silk, these all refer to any type of silk that is produced without harming or killing the silkworms. Peace silk comes from cocoons where the moth has freely emerged, to mate, lay eggs and live out their life cycle. In contrast, conventional silk worms are steamed, boiled, or dried in the sun, killing the larvae inside. The output of Peace silk is a lustrous, natural tone of shiny silk, of which comes from the small-scale silk work cultivators across rural India. 
All AE packages are sent with recycled tissue paper or organic cotton, reusable canvas bags in a cardboard box with paper tape; completely plastic free.
Our production factories in Italy and NYC reflect our values in providing fair wages, safe working conditions, and proper quality control. By keeping up with the ethical practices of our production, we are staying true to our responsible brand ethos.

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